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Just checked and the new additional monitor just happens to be the same resolution as the other one.  I tried moving JTAlert back to the other monitor were I had it working on the Regular Version.   Rebooted and now cannot replicate having it work properly with the menus.  Whatever I did last time, I just can't recall, but know it required a restart.  If I stumble across something that correlates with monitor settings and menu breaks I'll shoot you a note.  For now I'm happy with the green musical notes.  


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On 19/01/2020 3:25 pm, WB8ASI Herb wrote:
Just some info FWIW.   I'm a Windows 10 user.  Today I rearranged the additional monitors used in the shack, and no longer can use the regular version of JTAlert.  The Menu is missing like I've seen many others report.  Last time I switched extra monitors I had the same experience, but was able to fix it and continue using the Regular version.....just don't remember how I fixed it.  It may have to do with which display monitor is primary, and where I have JTAlert located.  Anyways all is well with the Alternate version so doesn't really matter.  Just wanted to let you know it's somehow related to multiple displays.  73, Herb WB8ASI

Unfortunately, I am unable to reproduce the broken menus placement when running dual monitors. Regardless of which screen the JTAlert window is placed and restored to, the menu placement does not break. I sure wish it would as I would likely be able to find the cause and make a code correction.

The problem may be monitor resolution related. Are the Windows desktops for each screen set to the same resolution or do they differ?

de Laurie VK3AMA


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