locked JTAlert 2.15.7 is available. #Announcement #NewRelease

HamApps Support (VK3AMA)

The Latest JTAlert version 2.15.7 is now available @ https://hamapps.com/JTAlert/

de Laurie VK3AMA

The Release Notes...

  *** Includes Callsign database file version 2020-01-14 (2020-January-14)

  New Features:

    - Help About: Display now shows the current listening UDP ports and initialized
       status of each of the modules of the JTAlertV2.Manager process.

    - Decodes window: "Copy to Clipboard" and "Open Browser to QRZ.com" functions
       added to Callsign right-click context menu.


    - JTAlertV2.Manager process: Introduced a small (200ms) delay between UDP
       initialization instructions for each module handled by the process. This
       was needed by some underpowered or high CPU utilization PCs which were
       experiencing module init failures (eg, online logs, XML services & DXLab).


    - Callsign Tooltip & Decodes Window: Missing Grid/Distance/Bearing data when
       decode doesn't contain a grid but earlier decodes did (the grid data was
       not being cached correctly).

    - Confirmed Bands Display: USState total count showing the Dxcc total count.

    - WSJTX: Not responding to callsign clicks or callsign coloring when WSJT-X
       has been restarted after a crash or has been forcibly killed while
       JTAlert remains running.

    - Text Messages: Online status not working for instance #2 and higher.

    - Text Messages: Incorrect or invalid UTC Date shown for received messages

    - User Alert: Test function (Settings window) not working (2.15.4 defect).

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