locked Re: Finding Partial Contact JTAlert / WSJT-X


Hey Gary....thanks for the tip.  Wish I would have known you can do that.  Sure will save scrolling thru the miles of log. Herb WB8ASI.

On January 15, 2020 at 10:56 AM Gary - AC6EG <AC6EG@...> wrote:

Hi Bob
In the scenario you describe, I find it useful to open all.txt in Notepad.   I click on Edit > Find and enter his callsign and my callsign.  Now every time I press enter, the cursor will jump to the next time I made a transmission to that callsign.  The search begins from wherever the cursor is located in the text, so if I am researching a recent QSO,  I can start the search somewhere near the bottom of the file.  I can quickly find every interaction I've had with a given callsign.  


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