locked Re: Finding Partial Contact JTAlert / WSJT-X

Michael Black

You have to look in ALL.TXT -- same directory...from a cmd prompt.

For example to find your QSO with CT3HF...

find "K3RLW" all.txt | find "CT3HF"

de W9MDB

On Tuesday, January 14, 2020, 10:42:45 PM CST, Bob Willey <bobwilley@...> wrote:

That was helpful, but it seems to only show completed one line per QSO transactions.
No the actual back and forth, is it failed for instance.
Here is a snippet around the time I am looking for as an example of what is in the log:
2019-11-14,18:43:00,2019-11-14,18:44:00,CT3HF,IM12,14.075907,FT8,-11,-10,,FT8  Sent: -11  Rcvd: -10,
2019-11-14,19:16:45,2019-11-14,19:17:45,KS4OT,EM83,14.075821,FT8,-08,-04,,FT8  Sent: -08  Rcvd: -04,
2019-11-14,19:42:00,2019-11-14,19:44:00,N5XXZ,EM45,14.074957,FT8,-01,+04,,FT8  Sent: -01  Rcvd: +04,
2019-11-14,20:15:30,2019-11-14,20:16:30,V31MA,,18.100264,FT8,+05,+05,,FT8  Sent: +05  Rcvd: +05,
2019-11-14,20:20:00,2019-11-14,20:21:00,W7QDM,DN43,18.101891,FT8,-07,-08,,FT8  Sent: -07  Rcvd: -08,
2019-11-14,20:23:00,2019-11-14,20:24:00,N0GTO,,18.101497,FT8,-09,-15,,FT8  Sent: -09  Rcvd: -15,

This is the idea, but the log file I had seen before when someone questioned a QSO had multiple lines showing the whole interaction.  They had walked me thru it, but it was in JTAlert Messaging, and it doesn't go back, it gets purged apparently.

Is there another detailed log?

Bob Willey

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On Tue, Jan 14, 2020 at 9:54 PM Marion D. Kitchens <k4gok@...> wrote:
With WSJTX running,  click on the File menu item.  Select "Open Log Directory", then open "wsjtx.log".  That is a standard text type file and you can do a "find" operation on the call sign of interest.
You can also open the ALL.TEXT file, but that is likely to be a huge file for doing a search.
Good Luck
de Marion,   K4GOK
On Tue, 14 Jan 2020 15:59:41 -0800 "Bob Willey" <bobwilley@...> writes:
The scenario is that either a QSO is rejected in QRZ or an Incoming Confirmation Request comes in

I know there is a way to interrogate the Log(s) to see any occurence of say a CALLSIGN
I had done this with someones direction, but I believe it was in a JTAlert Message direct and they are not kept.

Can anyone direct me to how to find the threads of a QSO and whether an exchange on FT8 was made???

This would be extremely helpful to me.

Thanks in advance, 73's de K3RLW 

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