locked Re: Grid alert not showing except for CQ on some decodes, tied to distance/bearing not in popup?

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On 15/01/2020 2:04 pm, pphiliphome@... wrote:
I am running version 2.15.6 on Win10 Pro. I didn't see this in a previous version. I saw a CQ with a grid alert and afterwards, in the middle of a sequence, the same call is not highlighted/alerted. Also, the hover popup didn't show bearing and distance.

Other non-CQ decodes show grid alerts, and other popups, including the ones with grid alerts do show distance/bearing.

I assume these 2 conditions are related as you must use the grid for the calculation.

Am I missing something?

Thanks for the great program!
Paul, AC9O


The only thing your missing is the next release (due in 2 days).
What you describe is a defect corrected in 2.15.7

From the 2.15.7 release notes..
    - Callsign Tooltip & Decodes Window: Missing Grid/Distance/Bearing data when
       decode doesn't contain a grid but earlier decodes did (the grid data was
       not being cached correctly).

de Laurie VK3AMA

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