locked Re: Multiple udp


On 14/01/2020 09:25, Andy M0NKR via Groups.Io wrote:
I’m running WSJT- x 2.1.2 and JT alert 2.15.6 along with logger32.

What is the best way to receive UDP info on all programs?

As jtalert wont receive the udp because logger32 udp map is, is there a way to have all running


Hi Andy,

in theory it works by using a multicast address group rather than the unicast address, unfortunately the tools used to create JTAlert do not directly support multicast addressing so for now you must use a workaround that Laurie has provided. JTAlert can resend incoming UDP traffic from WSJT-X to a new server address/service port pair. This partially solves the issue, the missing part is that return traffic (in your case from Logger32 back to WSJT-X) is not handled so some functions may not work.

Set Logger32 to listen for WSJT-X UDP protocol traffic on the new service port, e.g. 2234 in the example above.


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