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Shrug - I am not sure Laurie...  I suppose I was talking about using JT Alert again and hopefully talking with some fellow hams, which hasn.'t worked well for me in ages. The Callsigns would always disappear before I could use it to contact them. Since the JT65 & JT9 days.

Since you didn;t supply a quote of what I was sying I can only imagine that is what I was looking forward to:
A working JT Alert. I tried fror years with only little success.

I will give it a try today and see how it goes!  I am fairly certain that is what I was talking about.


73 - Brian "Bry" Carling, AF4K CRYSTALS Co.
Sanford, Florida

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On 12/01/2020 9:01 am, Bry Carling AF4K wrote:
Perhaps you’re reading different release notes from me then, because I just downloaded the newest release and the ones I read said that you now have a timer that can extend the amount of time the callsigns appear in the boxes on JT Alert.

Perhaps my imagination is a lot more fertile than I thought it was today.

Best regards - Bry Carling, AF4K

When you said "you were looking forward" I interpreted that meant to some future version, not the current release.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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