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On 9/01/2020 9:57 pm, marsip@... wrote:
Both in JTAlert and in WSJT-X. But several of these, are marked as "worked before". This is confusing. Where do JTAlert get the "worked before" information from, in this case? As I understand this, there should not be any historical information readable by JTAlert. Or do I misunderstand this?

JTAlert gets worked B4 data from the logger you have enabled for logging. If you running JTAlert without an enabled logger ("NO Log" will be shown in the titlebar status text) then JTAlert maintains a minimal B4 database and adds entries to that file whenever you log a QSO. If you want to clear that file open the Settings and use the "Create New" button on the "Logging -> Log B4 Database" section.


Restart JTAlert after creating a new B4 database.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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