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On 9/01/2020 8:33 am, Ron Ochu wrote:
I am running ACLog 6.4 and JTAlert 2.15.1.  JTalert is posting the call sign, name and QTH of a worked FT8 station on ACLog but nothing else such as report or mode.  There used to be a pop-up window informing me that the contact was logged, but now it doesn't exist.  JTAlert used to completely work, but now it only partially works with ACLog.  I've checked the settings on both programs and they appear to be fine.  Has anyone else experienced a similar issue? 

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73,  Ron KO0Z

If JTAlert is not providing a Logging success/failure message and you haven't turned off those confirmation popups, than very likely your not clicking the "OK" button of the WSJT-X "Log QSO" window.  You need to log the QSO in WSJT-X for JTAlert to detect the logging event and send the QSO details to ACLog. The report and Mode will get sent to ACLog only as part of the logging process.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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