locked jtalertsetting missing

CW Carpenter <NMCHAS39@...>

I have been using JTalert for quite a long time. Recently, within the past week, I have had to delete JTalert and reload both from the web site and the loading files on hand. JTAlert works fine after reloading. BUT if I quit the program, WSJT-x and JTAlert, JTAlert will not start start when I restart WSJT-X. I get an error message saying that the file "JTAlertsettings" is missing from the download package Plugin  section.
I have not added nor removed any programs in the past month. And this also happens on my laptop if I use it.
Any one have any idea as to what is going on. Why does the file"JTAlertsettings go missing after I sign off.

73, Charlie K4SHA

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