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As I mentioned in a different email, the QSO examples were from long ago - 1990s.  That was a Colorado QTH, and on the "homeQTH" section, only Iowa was selected!  I presume I did that when setting up JTAlert vs it being a default.  But matters not...  That (appears to have) fixed the situation!  At least the scan/rebuild now puts Panama and The Gambia in the worked column.

Thanks, Laurie!

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On 6/01/2020 12:27 pm, Steve, N3SL wrote:
Exactly what is being scanned (using DXLab here) when this is invoked?  I'm seeing incorrect alerts repeatedly - as in day-to-day.  I only have DXCC alerts checked (zones, prefixes, continents, etc - all UNchecked).  

For example: 20m FT8 today alerted on HP and C5 --> "new" DXCC, "new" prefix  Neither is true.  My log has 4 confirmed HP digital Qs on 20, and 2 C5 Qs.  Yet a scan/rebuild leaves both Panama and The Gambia in the "unworked" window for 20m  (settings are individual bands/any digital mode).

What am I missing/doing wrong?  And I do wait at least a minute before starting a scan once I've chosen that option....

Thanks for any insight or education!


Do you have any DXKeeper homeQTH selections enabled for the DXCC Alert? If you do and the Log QSOs don't have a homeQTH recorded or have a homeQTH not enabled for that Alert than they will be excluded from the scan.

Have a look under the "Logging -> DXLab DXKeeper -> homeQTH selections" section of the Settings window.

Let me know if this is the cause.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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