locked Scan log

Steve, N3SL


Exactly what is being scanned (using DXLab here) when this is invoked?  I'm seeing incorrect alerts repeatedly - as in day-to-day.  I only have DXCC alerts checked (zones, prefixes, continents, etc - all UNchecked).  

For example: 20m FT8 today alerted on HP and C5 --> "new" DXCC, "new" prefix  Neither is true.  My log has 4 confirmed HP digital Qs on 20, and 2 C5 Qs.  Yet a scan/rebuild leaves both Panama and The Gambia in the "unworked" window for 20m  (settings are individual bands/any digital mode).

What am I missing/doing wrong?  And I do wait at least a minute before starting a scan once I've chosen that option....

Thanks for any insight or education!


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