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Norbert Graf - DD3KF

Hello, Laurie,


First of all, I would like to wish you a Happy New Year 2020!


I support the wish of Uwe, DG2YCB, to support the 70 cm band in a future release with the WANTED GRIDS. Now every station that has not been worked before will be shown as a new grid, even if other stations from this GRID have already been confirmed. This is somewhat irritating.


According to my observations the activity on 4m in Europe has increased strongly after the introduction of transceivers from ICOM, Kenwood and Yaesu with 4m capabilities. It is therefore in my opinion very desirable to support the 4m band as well.


On this occasion: In the meantime I have switched to version 2.15.6. The delays of the display of the decoded station, which I reported before, are now eliminated.


Thank you very much.


Best 73´s





Norbert Graf

D D 3 K F

Ringstr. 32

52078 Aachen



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Hi Laurie,
First of all HNY and many thanks for the great new JTAlert version 2.15.6!
During the past days here in Europe there has was good to excellent tropo propagation, and beside 2m there was also lots of FT traffic on the 70cm band (432.174 MHz). For example I reached a French station 937 km away with just a Big Wheel antenna. Therefore please allow me one question: Is there a chance that you implement in a future relase of JTAlert also support for the 70cm band?. I know that it would likely need a substantial amount of programming work: However, I would really apprechiate that.
73 de Uwe, DG2YCB

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