locked Re: Icom 7300/wsjt/JTalert/AClog

Kevin k5vp


I’ve got jtalert set to log the contact when i send 73 or RR73.



On Jan 2, 2020, at 3:00 PM, J Murray via Groups.Io <adkmurray@...> wrote:

After a week or so  of on and off playing with the above it appears to be working.  One thing I'm not sure about is that if I click on a callsign in wsjt as I did prior to using JTalert it immediately fills in a new call line in aclog without actually  working the station.  So, I have to clear it.  If I work a station and click on log it the info is entered  okay in aclog.  I may be doing things wrong.  How can I avoid having a signal I click on being displayed in ac/log w/o actually working it.  Also, what is the proper way to log.  The square comes up in wsjt after working a station in J8 what is the proper way to log to aclog at that point.  I assume it is the log button ??  Any help would be appreciated.  
jim/k2hn  (ol'fogi)

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