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Ed Wilson

Thank you, Laurie!!! Seems to be working great with JT-9.

Ed, K0KC

From: "Laurie, VK3AMA"
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Sent: Friday, April 19, 2013 5:19 PM
Subject: [Ham-Apps] New - JT-Alert 2.2.0 available - Has support for WSJT-X

A new version, 2.2.0 of JT-Alert is available. Also JT-Macros version 2.2.0

Both these support working with WSJT-X.

If you encounter any problems post a message to the Ham-Apps Yahoo group using a subject line related to the issue.
Please DON'T just reply to this email. It doesn't help users doing message archive searches of specific issues.

Important notes about JT-Alert-X, the name for JT-Alert when running in wsjt-x mode.
  • There is no separate executable, only an additional desktop shortcut that will start JT-Alert in WSJT-X mode.

  • When JT-Alert-X is first run, it sets up a new configuration file exclusively for JT9. Your existing JT65 config is safe and unchanged.

  • When you run JT-Alert-X for the first time, it is important to open the Settings and setup your Own Callsign and the logging. Also check the Wanted Alerts to make sure they have their sounds set correctly. Note: settings you have for JT65 are not migrated to the JT9 settings so be sure to check your settings.

  • This new JT9 configuration maintains JT9 only Wanted lists, separate from your existing JT65 lists. You may want to do a Log Scan to update the lists by reading your existing log for JT9 QSOs.

  • Since the JT-Alert-X configuration is independent of your existing JT-Alert (for JT65) configuration, it is possible to run JT-Alert (for JT65) and JT-Alert-X (for JT9) concurrently.

  • If you wish to auto-start JT-Macros in WSJT-X mode, setup JT-Alert-X to start JT-Macros.exe and enter "/wsjtx" (without the quotes) in the parameters field.
Visit the Ham-Apps.com webpage for the direct download link. It is recommended that you upgrade your sounds and database files as well as there have been some minor internal changes and some bug fixes.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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