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Jim - N4ST

I noticed that when it did work, it would cut off the CW ID, which I often use on the last transmission.

But, I can live with that. J


Jim – N4ST


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Hi John,

This is due to JT-Alert 1.4.1 being partially incompatible with recent
JT65-HF 1.0.8.x changes. The new 1.5.0 release of JT-Alert will correct
this problem. I was planning on releasing 1.5.0 today, but this will be
delayed, approx another day, as a another bug-fix release of JT65-HF has
been announced and release is imminent.

Sorry for the delays, but the new version of JT-Alert will be worth the
wait :)

de Laurie, VK3AMA

On 12-October-2011 13:39, jgmags2000 wrote:
> Hi Laurie, I noticed with V1.4.1 and jt65hf V1. that clicking the red asterisk no longer terminates TXENABL.
> 73, John KJ1J

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