locked JTAlert 2.15.6 display speed and detected virus alert

Rich - K1HTV

I installed JTAlert version 2.15.6 on my Windows 7 computer and tested it with WSJT-X on a very busy 40 Meter band with in excess of 3 dozen decodes per 15 second period. Decodes were displayed in the 9 X 4 matrix in waves, the first batch of call displayed in less than a second, the second batch about a second later and another batch of calls another second later.
I ran into a problem when I tried to use F11 to access "Manage Settings". Microsoft Security Essentials detected an item called: "Trojan:Win32/Azden.A!cl" with an alert level of Severe and quarantined it. When I restarted JTAlert I received the message:
The following file is missing...
"C:\Program Files (x86)\HamApps\JTAlert\plugins\JTAlertSettings.exe"
The fix was to add the full path to the "JTAlertSettings.exe" to the Excluded File Locations list. After reinstalling and restarting JTAlert, I was able to open the Settings/Manage Settings OK.
Rich - K1HTV

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