locked Re: Some odd things happening


On 31/12/2019 17:29, Phil Cooper via Groups.Io wrote:
The second issue I am seeing is the response to B4. An example is J79WTA, who I worked a few days ago on 20m FT8, is now showing as J79WTA in yellow, but with B4 appended to the call.
As I have done a Scan Log & Update, I had expected this to then show in grey with J79WTA - B4.
Hi Phil,

neediness of a DXCC Entity depends on you not having a confirmation as defined by your scan log and update settings. E.g. if you require a card or LoTW confirmation for a DXCC Entity then it will be highlighted as needed until such a conformation has been marked in your log. You can set JTAlert to simply require working a station to make their DXCC Entity unneeded if that is what you really wish.


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