locked JTAlert 2.15.6 is available. #Announcement #NewRelease

HamApps Support (VK3AMA)

The Latest JTAlert version 2.15.6 is now available @ https://hamapps.com/JTAlert/

de Laurie VK3AMA

The Release Notes...

2.15.6 (01-JAN-2020)

  *** Includes Callsign database file version 2020-01-01 (2020-January-01)

  New Features:

    - Length of time old decoded callsigns will remain visible when there are no
       new incoming decodes is now configurable from 1 to 10 mode periods.
       A setting of 1 period will give a similar result to previous JTAlert
       versions where callsigns are displayed for one period only.
       (Default: 2 periods, Window: Settings, Section: "Window").

    - JTAlert will detect any changes in Windows audio output device ordering,
       which typically happens when the default device is changed. JTAlert will
       adjust to using any new device id assigned to your named JTAlert audio device.
       There can be up to a 60 sec delay before device reordering is detected.
       Note: any addition or removal of Windows audio devices while JTAlert is
       running is not handled and may break JTAlert audio, JTAlert will need to
       be restarted to account for the changes in number of Windows output devices.


    - JTAlert no longer preemptively clears the callsigns prior to a new batch of
       decodes is received from WSJT-X, instead the Callsigns are cleared just
       prior to a new batch of Callsigns is to be displayed. If WSJT-X fails to
       decode a period or monitoring is turned off, the last batch of displayed
       Callsigns will remain visible, matching the last batch of decodes
       displayed in WSJT-X.

    - Cached callsign data (dxcc, zones, state, etc) now reused across JTAlert
       sessions (previously cleared at start of each session). Callsign data is
       auto-cleared after 7 days which will trigger a new lookup when the call
       is next decoded. This will help reduce alerting delays during the initial
       decode periods when JTAlert is first started on very busy bands.

    - Faster display of the decoded Callsigns at the end of an Rx period.

    - "Check QSO Log Record" time setting moved from the "Performance" section
       to the "Logging" section of the Settings window.


    - Band Activity popup window showing an unwanted taskbar button.

    - Decodes database storing decode data from instance #1 only. (2.15.4 defect)

    - Decodes distance column header text showing "km" instead of "Miles" after
       loading a Layout file when the settings specify miles display.

    - Decodes Layout not restored correctly. Note: The default all columns layout
       may be shown when this version is run for the first time, with future runs
       the last used layout will be correctly shown.

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