locked Re: Hamspots.net's Spots seem different or slower to anyone?

Thomas Mize KJ4GK

Hello Laurie VK3AMA, sorry one more thing to add

Something to ADD, here is an example, It appears that some spots are being sent and some are not>

For example I am on 20m rigtht and it is always ALWAYS 50 spots on both sides which ages no later then 2 or 3 minutes but the ages are up to 20 minutes on both. This isn't right....and here is how I now that it isn't just something on my end.

There is a guy from the Isle Of Man on right now in 20m, his call is GD0TEP (No matter if he is sending Spots, to the right there should be a list of EVERYONE that has spotted him)

He has been on for over an hour, if you go look at this spots, NO ONE had spotted him and It doesn't show that I have spotted him either. Very weird. 

What is going on Laurie? I hope I am not the only one out here that is a Hamspots.net Fanatic that watches it every day lol so Imma notice something like this quick.

I guess I have been so use to it working so well it has me thrown off to see this. 

I don't know if many people understand how valuable your hamspots.net site is. It make my whole experience so much colorful.

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