locked Hamspots.net's Spots seem different or slower to anyone?

Thomas Mize KJ4GK

Hellow Laurie VK3AMA or who every is reading,

I have designed a simple program using visual studio that updates from my hamspots.net, My spots page so that I can constantly see my spots while working FT8. I have been using this for about 5 months with no problem at all.

Starting yesterday I started noticing some Delays/Lags.

Laurie Has anything changed in the way the spots are being counted or anything different with the website?

For example a few times I will see hamspots.net go through 2 or 3 60sec cycles until it does update and by then some of the spots which would say 1m is 2 or 3m in age.

I am constantly studying to one day be even half of the programmer you are 
Laurie. That is why I know I have to leave Visual Basic and go into Phython or some other language. I would love to speak with you about this in a personal email if you every would have the time Laurie. I know you are pretty much a Celebrity, or at least to me you are :) I know if I could every figure out how to receive the UDP packets from WSJT like you do for JT Alert in to my program It would be a huge jump for me. I receive the one time UDP from Jtalert after a contact perfect but the constant UDP reboardcast of the decoded messages come in as a mess of mixed ascii characters and such which I can't phrase using reg ex and make sense of it. I can't receive the UDP form WSJT at all.

Please Laurie let me know if it is ok to send you a personal email and maybe show you what I have so far and I would love to show you what I have built using your AWESOME hamspots.net. It has made my experience so much better.

Sorry for getting off in another subject...

Thomas, KJ4GK

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