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I really don't expect you to but don't have anyone that fits that bill.  I guess I'm relegated to Fldigi, which is also a great program.

Thanks anyway ......

73, Rick W3BI

On 12/29/2019 4:58 PM, HamApps Support (VK3AMA) wrote:
On 28/12/2019 2:27 pm, Rick wrote:

You are working on the problem?!

73, Rick W3BI

Sorry Rick, It is difficult(impossible) to work on a problem without experiencing the problem and all our previous tests/changes requested via email have not identified or rectified the cause.

Your support files show that JTAlert is hearing WSJT-X fine as indicated by the titlebar status. The mode symbol and band shown in the status only get populate when data is received from WSJT-X, after that all UDP traffic is lost.

At this point you need to have someone (who is WSJT-X and JTAlert knowledgeable) gain remote access into you PC and observe what is happening in real-time and examine your application settings.

Hopefully someone on this group can help you out.  I am not in a position to offer that type of remote-access support , sorry.

de Laurie VK3AMA


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