locked Re: UDP Not accessible for DXLAB logging and such

HamApps Support (VK3AMA)

On 27/12/2019 6:22 am, Gilbert Baron wrote:
I cannot get UDP working on JTALERT. I have all 3 boxes checked but something is forbidding it to operate. I cannot find anything in help to describe exactly what to do. I assume the firewall needs some permission, but some documentation is needed here. It used to work fine before UDP is now used and I understand that UDP is a better way but I am not able to get it set up. Again, I do have the three boxes checked.

How long ago were you using JTAlert. UDP is the only way JTAlert interacts with WSJT-X and that has been the case for over 2 years (probably more).

Did you setup WSJT-X per the JTAlert help file instructions, "Tutorials -> WSJT-X UDP Setup" topic?

What IP address and port do you have set in WSJT-X?

Make sure your not running WSJT-X with elevated privileges (set to run as administrator), there is never any legitimate reason to run WSJT-X elevated.

What is the actual error message? JTAlert when showing an error window will often place a copy of the error message into the Windows clipboard, try pasting that into your reply.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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