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On 21/12/2019 8:53 am, Tom WA9WSJ via Groups.Io wrote:
Well I goofed again and accidentally enabled the one and only sound card option to be picked in jtalert. Now I get a periodic window telling me what I did wrong and that all alerts will be silenced.

How do I undo that mistake so that window stops popping up?

I only have one sound card and obviously need it for wsjt-x.

I tried reloading the program but no help. I tried uninstalling the program, no help.

Thanks for helping me with my blunder, (again).


As of JTAlert 2.15.4, the use of the Default Windows device is no longer supported, a named sound device is required. See the release notes (reproduced below).

If you run Windows, WSJT-X & JTAlert on a single sound device PC you run a very high risk of playing Windows sounds or JTAlert sounds on-air. Listen to 20 or 40m and it wont be long before you hear these sounds being played, it is very common.

I suggest installing a cheap usb sound dongle (
usually $5 or less), they are very common and readily available. If that is not an option, install one of the free virtual audio devices and set JTAlert to use that audio device, while it wont play alerts, it will prevent JTAlert sound device warnings. I have used the free VB-Audio cable software. https://www.vb-audio.com/Cable/

de Laurie VK3AMA

2.15.4 Release Notes (partial)


    - The Windows Default Sound Device is NO longer supported as one of the
       selected audio devices. A specific named device must be set.
       JTAlert will now present a dialog to change the device whenever it
       encounters (at startup) the last used named device is no longer found
       or was never set (ie was using the Windows default).
       Reason for change:
       In the past JTAlert would default to using the Windows default if the
       previously used device is no longer found or was never set. This worked,
       but in some cases had the undesirable affect that sounds were getting
       played on-air if the users sound devices had been reassigned (usually
       after a Windows update) such that the Windows default was now the WSJT-X
       rig audio device. By eliminating the use of the Windows Default Device,
       provided the user doesn't set the JTAlert audio device matching the Rig
       audio device JTAlert sounds will never be played on-air.

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