locked JTAlert Log issue

Robert T

GM All,

I am using JTAlert to log my QSO's to DXLabs DXKeeper.  This functions fine.
I also have JTAlert logging all Q's to my QRZ callbook and Clublog, and HRDlog automatically.  This function used to work.  Each time I entered a qso it would update my online logs.  Today I made about 20 FT-8 contacts and none have shown up in QRZ, Clublog or HRDLog.

Anyone have a clue as to what may have happened?

JTAlert version is 2.15.3
Callsign database ver. 2019.12.02
Sound files ver. 2.5.1
Online Logbooks:
QRZ.com is checked and API Key is correct
ClubLog is checked, and Call and password are correct
HRDLog is checked, Call and password are correct.

Now what?

Bob, K2RET

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