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On 3/12/2019 7:20 pm, Dwaine Pipe wrote:
For the next release, would it be possible to change the default time out for the TXT MSG window from whatever it currently is (wayyy too short) to the setting of "Stay on screen until closed"   which I think is an unticked "Auto Close" box......

I suggest this because there are lots and lots of users that I send messages to that actually have no idea that the message box even exists and they just don't get enough time to read what pops up before it vanishes.    I frequently get emails saying "how the hell did you do that"  meaning the message I sent.

Thanks for considering.

The default timeout is 20 seconds. I wouldn't characterize that as too short.

While I can alter the default setting to "No Auto Close" that will only affect new users with newly created config files. The default value only gets assigned when reading the setting during startup and the settings is not found (as with a new empty config file). The default is only applied once which creates the missing setting and will never be performed automatically again.

Changing any existing setting for current users is not something I do unless it is an unavoidable change due to code/functionality changes (ie is deemed mandatory).

Altering the auto-close property of the text message window for all exiting users is not an option IMO. I will however set the "No Auto Close" as the new default starting with the next JTAlert release.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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