locked Re: V2.15.3 No access to menus, not possibloe to close program without Task Manager

Michael Black

Install/use the alternate version.  It's the green icon.

de Mike W9MDB

On Tuesday, December 3, 2019, 10:32:30 AM CST, Frode Igland <frodeigland2@...> wrote:

Running JTAlert 2.15.3 with Windows 10 Pro 64 bit on a Dell Latitude with i7 processor. All previous versions of JTAlert (last two years or so) have been working fine on the same computer.

Opening JTAlert 2.15.3 I do not get access to the menus: | Alerts | Settings | View | Sound | ?. I some of my early attempts to run v2.15.3, I could see "und UTC ?" on the top line of the JTAlert window, to the very left of the top line, i.e. to left of "JTAlert 2.15.3" and covering the red X. It lookedlike the menus had moved to left of the JTalert version number, with right alignment. I could click on "und" and then a menu for activating or deactivating the sound popped up. Clicking on ? brought me the Help file. In later attempts this has disappeared, and the left part of the top line looks like it "always" has, while the menus are missing. | Alerts | Settings | View | have never been visible in v2.15.3. I attach a screenshot to show how the JTAlert window looks.

To close the program in v2.15.3, clicking the X in upper right corner does not work. I have to use Alt-F4, or "close window" on the Task bar.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled v2.15.3 several times including power cycling after uninstalls. Tested installations include the standard and Alt Layout versions, standard version alone, Alt Layout version alone, running in normal mode and as administrator. In all cases JTAlert works, decodes, although a little slower than usual, but I cannot get access to the menus, do scans, etc., and when I want to. 

How can I get my menus back?

Frode LA6VQ

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