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On 22/11/2019 4:11 pm, Graham Alston wrote:
I have Logging disabled and am tracking Wanted DXCC By Individual Band and Any WSJT-X Mode. I am noticing that sometimes a new DXCC for a particular band comes up in grey rather than a yellow alert. I think this happens if I have worked the DX station before on another band. Sometimes, I have the opposite, a yellow alert for a DXCC that I have already set to Not Wanted for that band.

Any ideas?

I have looked for help on the Worked B4 settings but cannot find any info on them in the Help file. Is there another source for this information?

Graham VK3GA

What does the Callsign tooltip show for the Grey Alert? It will show what alerts were triggered.
What does a Grey alert represent for you (use the F1 key to get a summary)? I suspect it is the "No Alert" color.

Are you sure that a Callsign that you think is a new DXCC (no coloring) is in fact a new DXCC? Since your running without logging enabled you cannot use the Scan Log and must be manually setting the needed/unneeded entities, this requires operator diligence and attention to keep the DXCC list correct.

Are you sure the Yellow Alert is the DXCC alert and not the State alert? Both use a Yellow background with different text coloring to distinguish between the alert types.

With respect to JTAlert 2.15.3, there were no changes to alert handling (that has remained unchanged for many versions/months now).

de Laurie VK3AMA

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