locked Re: Lost Audio With JTAlert Ver 2.15.3

HamApps Support (VK3AMA)

On 23/11/2019 9:20 pm, Paul Keating wrote:
Three issues with JTAlert Ver 2.15.3:

1)  Same here - no audio.  Changed sound devices - no audio.  Checked microphone permissions - no audio. Ran troubleshooting diagnostics on audio system (from drive inputs to speaker) - no audio. 

2) Online XML Callbook information does not populate the "Name," "QTH," and "Grid" on every instance of a callsign being selected.  Information populates the blocks about 10% of the time; information needs to be manually inserted into blocks 90% of the time.

3) Callsign information is not routed to (DXLab Suite's) Pathfinder for information look-up until after a QSO has been logged (and info goes to DXKeeper logging software).

Reverted back to JTAlert Ver 2.15.0 - the most trusted version of the Ver 2.15.x series.


Paul  DU2FIS / K8SQ

All the problems you list indicate failed (or blocked) communication between the JTAlert.exe process and the JTALertV2.Manager.exe process (which is new as of 2.15.1). The
JTALertV2.Manager.exe process (from the JTAlertV3 project) replaces the old plugin manager and its 15 plugin files. The functions handled by the Manager are... (taken form the 2.15.1 Release notes)
         - Playing alert sounds.
         - XML lookups (QRZ and HamQTH)
         - Weblog uploads (QRZ, Eqsl, HrdLog, ClubLog and HamQTH)
         - Uploading of Spots to HamSpots.
         - Downloading of Band Activity data from HamSpots
         - Managing sending/receiving of Text messages and Callsigns online checks.
         - User defined Alerting.
         - JTAlert session files cleanup.
         - Program updates available checks.
         - All DXLab DDE based functions. This includes DXK, DXV and PF callsign
            lookup, DXV rotator control and local spotting to SC.

The most likely cause of the comms failure are a UDP port collision with an existing running process on your PC or Protection software interference.
I can't help if it is your protection software, but for a port collision I have redesigned JTAlert to use dynamically assigned ports (provided by the OS and guaranteed to be free and not in use by another process). Check your email as I have sent you a link to this latest build of JTAlert.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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