locked Re: Lost Audio With JTAlert Ver 2.15.3

Paul Keating

Three issues with JTAlert Ver 2.15.3:

1)  Same here - no audio.  Changed sound devices - no audio.  Checked microphone permissions - no audio. Ran troubleshooting diagnostics on audio system (from drive inputs to speaker) - no audio. 

2) Online XML Callbook information does not populate the "Name," "QTH," and "Grid" on every instance of a callsign being selected.  Information populates the blocks about 10% of the time; information needs to be manually inserted into blocks 90% of the time.

3) Callsign information is not routed to (DXLab Suite's) Pathfinder for information look-up until after a QSO has been logged (and info goes to DXKeeper logging software).

Reverted back to JTAlert Ver 2.15.0 - the most trusted version of the Ver 2.15.x series.


Paul  DU2FIS / K8SQ

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