locked Re: WSJT-X v0.9 r3142

Jim - N4ST

Great news! WSJT-X is up to version v0.9, r3151.
And to get your QSOs into HRD, just import them. WSJT-X writes a file at C:\wsjtx\wsjtx_log.adi. Just import that file into HRD. If you aren't using WSJT-X to control your rig (and if you are using HRD, you probably aren't). Make sure you have the band set correctly in WSJT-X or it will log your QSOs to the wrong band/frequency (and post spots incorrectly)

Jim - N4ST

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Very interesting. My experience is completely opposite. This is the first
version that worked for me on the ft-857. I have loaded several versions over
the past month and experienced either no decode, intermittent decode, no
transmit, and issues with stop and go transmit. I loaded WSJT-X v0.9 r3143 last
night and it worked from the start - my first qso was Alaska, followed by Japan
and Australia. I have the ft-857 set up for jt-6t through a usb signalink. I
uploaded the software and left it in "dig" mode. I am thrilled because I was
running out of trouble shooting options. Now, I just need to figure out how to
get my qso's loaded into my HRD logbook! jeff, AC7IJ

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Hi.....i have tested WSJT-X v0.9 r3143 and no work with ft-857


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