locked logging wrong frequency aafter QSO

Tory Wiedenkeller

I use N3FJP in conjunction with WSJT-X and JT-Alert. The WSJT-X is setup for rig control of my Icom 7300. I'm working almost entirely in FT8  among the: 80, 40, 20, 17m bands.
I've noticed on a few occasions now when I've logged a QSO, there is a discrepancy between the band/freq that N3FJP logs the QSO, and the actual band/freq the QSO took place on
For ex. I recently had a QSO with a station in Alaska on 40m band. Everything seemed to log into N3FJP fine, but when I went back and looked at this log, it showed the QSO actually took place on the 80m band rather than 40m
       So, I'm wondering if anyone knows why this would happen and how to fix this problem?  I'm getting emails from these stations telling me the info is wrong. Of course it is. N3FJP is not logging the data correctly.

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