locked Normal behaviour?


Hi, I am using JTAlert 2.15.2 with logging enabled (Standard ADIF File). ADIF file contains all necessary information about DXCC, CQZ, ITUZ, State, QSL and so on. Scan Log and Rebuild also works fine so far. Setting under DXCC "Tracking" to one of the possible combinations fives always the intended logic.

However, when I am working a new DXCC (by band or mode) JTAlert doesn't recognize this as "worked" unless I manually click on "Scan Log and Rebuild".

Is that by design? Or am I doing something wrong?

At "Scan Log and Rebuild" / "Wanted DXCC" I've selected "No QSL Confirmation (Any Worked Station).

73 de Uwe, DG2YCB

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