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Barry Murrell ZS2EZ

I also experienced a sound issue when upgrading to 2.15.1

After upgrading I had NO sound. Checked the Soundcard settings - no soundcard selected. Set my soundcard (Built-in Realtek sound device) and saved settings... Clicked "Test Sound Card" - nothing.

Reloaded 2.15.0 - sound working perfectly again.

Running Windows 10 Pro (1903 update), .Net Framework 4.8. I have multiple sound devices, but have always used the Realtek On-Board card to feed my speakers.

As 2.15.0 has been working fine here, will wait for the version with the new Sound Library included to be available... just thought I should report the problem!

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Installed 2.15.1 on Win 7. NET Framework is 4.8.

There was no audio; the upgrade deselected the soundcard.

I re-selected "Windows Default Sound Card" and audio was restored, BUT the audio alerts are clipped unnaturally short, before the alerts are finished.

I found 2.14.5, re-installed that and all is back to normal.

Parker W5ADD

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