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On 9/11/2019 3:05 pm, Ron / W4MMP via Groups.Io wrote:

A support request as been sent.

Ron / W4MMP
OK Ron,

Files received. I am not seeing any delays between the command to save the wave file path and the command to play the file except for a typical delay of ~5 to 10ms. I do note that you have several virtual audio devices (though your not using them for JTAlert audio) and the two other reports I have had of recessive delays (abd of relatively fixed duration) are from users with Flex/DAX devices. It is starting to look like there may be an incompatibility with the new audio library I am using in 2.15.1 and virtual devices, likely something deep within the Windows audio infrastructure.

I am currently testing a new audio library once that is complete and gets the rubber-stamp from the Test team (there is a Flex user in the group experiencing exactly 5 second delays) I will publish a new build. Until then, you may want to roll back to 2.15.0 (see the download link at the bottom of the https://HamApps.com/JTAlert/ page)

de Laurie VK3AMA

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