locked Re: New JTAlert 2.15.1

HamApps Support (VK3AMA)

On 9/11/2019 2:48 pm, Jim Cooper wrote:
Then I came home, where I had updated to 
2.15.1 late this afternoon and made three FT8 
contacts before leaving for the club. I looked 
at MY QRZ logbook and found that the three 
contacts I made after upgrading were NOT in 
my QRZ logbook. 

In both cases, the QSO info IS in the 
wsjtx_log.adi  file ... from which I was able to 
extract the missing items and manually import 
into the QRZ logbook. 

Since this same glitch occurred at two different 
locations, with two different QRZ logbooks, it 
looks to me like a 'bug' ...   (all the settings for 
remote logging looked correct and unchanged). 

Jim  w2jc 

I just now tested all 5 online logs simultaneously and they all uploaded without error. On both my Ham PC and the development PC.

Have a look in your JTAlert session folder %localappdata%\HamApps\W2JC\session\JTAlertX\ for a file named "QrzLog_1.result". It will contain the result of the last QSO upload to QRZ. It is plain text file. Does it show an error?

This is typical result of a successful upload...
2019-11-09 04:06:53 utc

Let me know what you find.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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