locked Re: New JTAlert 2.15.1

Ron / W4MMP

Hi Laurie,

A support request as been sent. 

I dropped out of the test team as I can't provide due justice to testing.  Most of my time is consumed on writing and providing support for the application that supports the ham gear my company designs and produces. 

Ron / W4MMP
On 11/8/2019 22:47, HamApps Support (VK3AMA) wrote:

On 9/11/2019 2:37 pm, Ron / W4MMP via Groups.Io wrote:

I am also experiencing a sound related issue.  What am I experiencing is not a clipping of the sound but rather a delay in the start of the sound.  The delay is consistently 5 seconds before the sound is played.  The sound is played start to finish.  This is no big deal.  I just thought I would pass this along. 

Windows 10 Home Edition (completely updated),  overall CPU utilization about 12% with no CPU higher than 4% (Intel i7 860), 8GB.  No discernible system disk activity.  The JTAlert folder(s) have been excluded from Window Defender.

Own Call Alert - DingDing.wav

Ron / W4MMP

I thought you were on the Test team or am I mistaken?

A consistent 5 second delay is abnormal. To help isolate what is happening please do the following...

  • Enable debug recording in JTAlert.
  • Restart JTAlert
  • Wait for 2 minutes so sufficient time has elapsed for a snapshot of your running processes has been taken.
  • Use the Test Sound button a few times.
  • Send a support request.
  • Turn off Debug recording.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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