locked New JTAlert 2.15.0 is available - many quality of life changes. #Announcement #NewRelease

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The Latest JTAlert version 2.15.0 is now available @ https://hamapps.com/JTAlert/

There are may changes & fixes in this release, please review the release notes at the end of this message.

As usual the JTAlert installer file has been run through VirusTotal. HamApps.com has the link to the full analysis results. The installer file produced one false-positive. The Trapmine warning is a machine-learning (ml) warning which is similar to the reputation type warnings seen in the past from Norton (low installed user-base). This is a false-positives not identifying a know threat.


The Release Notes...
2.15.0 (24-OCT-2019)

  *** Includes Callsign database version 2019-10-24 (2019-October-24)

  New Features:
    - "Online for text messages" indictors for decoded callsigns. Callsigns
       that have messages enabled will be indicated by underlining of the
       callsign and the callsign tooltip will show an "ONLINE" entry.

    - Selectable mode columns in the Band Activity window. A minimum of one Mode
       displayed is enforced. Default is all four modes are displayed. Use the
       "View -> Band Activity Options -> Mode Display" menu to deselect modes,
       or via the Settings window, "Window -> Band Activity Display" section.

    - New JTAlertV2.Manager.exe process that uses new JTAlertV3 multithreaded
       .NET code to manage BandData collection, Text Messaging, Spotting to
       HamSpots and update checks. This replaces some of the functionality of
       the current (old and slow) JTAlertPlugins.exe manager. Eventually all
       plugins will be moved to the new .NET based manager application.


    - Number of TCP ports for accessing BandData, Spotting to HamSpots and
       Text Messaging services has been doubled for each, from 2 to 4 ports.
       JTAlert no longer uses a fixed port for each service, but randomizes
       the port used with each JTAlert session. This is done to provide load
       balancing on the Server hosting the services.

    - Band Activity data refresh rate changed from 60 seconds to 30 seconds.

    - Spotting to HamSpots changed from every 60 seconds to every 30 seconds
       (every two FT8 periods) at 18 seconds and 48 seconds.

    - Text Message window now shows "OFFLINE" for callsigns who don't have text
       message receipt enabled.

    - Previous text messages shown increased from 5 to 10.

    - The limit of one text message per callsign stored on the Text Message Server
       waiting to be collected has been removed. There is now no limit.

    - The character limit of text messages has been increased from 128 to 256.

    - Uncollected text messages are automatically removed from the Server after
       12 hours. This is a change from the previous age limit of 2 hours.

    - Callsign underline for JT9 decodes has been removed.

    - Added a 750ms delay before the BandActivity popup will show in response
       to the mouse cursor being over the Bands display area. Quick movement of
       the mouse cursor over the Bands area will no longer show the popup.

    - JTalert update checks and Text Message User online checks now using
       secure https. This is a permanent change and will require that users
       with old Windows PCs have upgraded to using current generation SSL.
       If you can access HamSpots.net using https than you should be OK.

    - JTAlert becoming temporarily unresponsive with excessive window flicker
       lasting from several seconds to several minutes depending on the PC
       environment, caused by an internal code race-condition being triggered.

    - Excessive window flicker when callsign slots are painted or cleared and
       the Band Activity display is refreshed.

    - Band colors in the Band Activity status bar not reflecting the actual band
       counts as shown in the popup window. This affected all bands on the
       Traditional Layout build only. (2.14.0 defect)

    - Missing FT8 column gridlines in the Band Activity window.

    - IOTA data not being logged to any of the supported Loggers.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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