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On 11/10/2019 2:05 pm, WB8ASI Herb wrote:
Hey Laurie,   Just a thought....I've been a fan of your JTAlert ever since I learned of FT8.  Once I found the Decodes History window, I like using it better than the display lines at the top of the page......except I like to left click to send text message or QRZ lookup.   Not sure, but guess a lot of folks use the Decodes History window.  Any chance you could add the left click options there?, and give us the option of zero display lines at the top of the page for added room on the screen?.  Thanks, Herb WB8ASI

I think you mean right-click, as a left-click doesn't show a context menu but sends the callsign to WSJT-X instructing it to setup for a QSO that that Callsign.

Adding additional entries to the Callsign context menu of the Decodes window is on the todo list, just not a high priority.

As for hiding the callsign display lines in the JTAlert window, that is also on the todo list, but unlikely to be ever implemented, to be honest. It would require a significant coding effort. The future JTAlertV3 (still several months from release) doesn't have the Callsign display lines style of JTAlert V2, while it is possible to display the callsigns in a window (user resizable without limit on number of lines or display slots), it is optional, everything can be done from the decodes window if so desired.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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