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Jim - N4ST

That is great news.
It appears to work, I re-uploaded my JT9 QSOs and they are listed with the
mode as JT9 and I have a few JT9 QSOs confirmed!
There does not appear to be a separate JT9 WAS endorsement yet
(confirmations are listed as WAS digital), but maybe that will come soon.

Jim -N4ST

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Today's "What's New with Logbook of the World" in


announces the availability of a new "Configuration Data File", version
1.20. Looking at the contents of "Configuration Data File" v. 1.20
shows there to be one *significant* change in the data modes tQSL will
directly accept without the need for mapping to DATA.

With config.xml v. 1.20, tQSL now accepts JT9, JT9-1, JT9-2, JT9-5,
JT9-10 and JT9-30. All of the "sub-modes" are correctly rewritten as
JT9 for WAS and JT9 is placed in the DATA group for DXCC purposes.

In order to install the updated "Configuration Data File"

1) log into: https://p1k.arrl.org/lotwuser/default?awg_id=&ac_acct=
2) Select "Your Account" (top menu)
3) Select "Your Certificates" (left menu)
4) double click "Download Current TQSL Configuration File"

Double clicking the above link should open tQSL Cert and load the
updated configuration file. It is recommended that you remove any
old manual association of JT9 or JT9-x to DATA.

Note: Anyone who uploaded JT9 QSOs with the mode a mapped to DATA
should sign the QSOs again and upload them a second time as JT9 -
particularly if you wish to use any confirmations for a WAS award
endorsed for JT9.



... Joe, W4TV

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