locked Re: Instructions & Initial Setup DXCC Alert for Individual Bands

Mark W2OR

Thank you.  That was helpful.  Even though I've been using the scan and various alerts for months now, I'm still scratching my head on one or two things (paragraph three below).  I'll figure it all out eventually.

My DXCC alert objectives are not unlike most other stations' DXCC objectives.  Thankfully, JTA continues to work perfectly for the Any Band & Any Mode DXCC alert.  There are 24 entities correctly listed in the Wanted column, and the JTA alert for this main objective appears to work perfectly.

I'm still hung up on how to configure the Second Objective: That is, to configure JTA to alert when band-specific unworked entities are decoded.  I need this alert active simultaneously for multiple bands.  In my JTA, only one band (60m) seems to have the "Wanted" column correctly populated with countries.  All the other bands have nothing at all in the "Wanted" column.  As such, this gives the impression that JTA will not alert for any of those other bands when an unworked band-specific entity is decoded.  In other words, I'm not sure how to get that Wanted column populated for all bands, remain that way, and then have the alerts work simultaneously for all bands. As mentioned above, in a few more days I'll have it figured out. Eventually.

P.S.  The Marathon alert works fine, likewise the Wanted Callsign, and Continent, and other alerts seem to work marvelously well when they are used.  This is one fantastic program !!

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