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On 3/10/2019 9:09 am, Ed Wilson via Groups.Io wrote:
I just installed 2.14.5 on my system without incident. I discovered that I cannot single-click on a call sign in the call sign display in JTAlert to answer a CQ when running FT4 under JTDX. This approach works fine with FT8 under JTDX and with JTDX and WSJT-X using both FT4 and FT8. My UDP settings seem identical for both JTDX and WSJT-X.

Is this a JTDX issue or a JTAlert issue or have I configured JTDX incorrectly somehow?


Ed, K0KC

Since JTDX with FT4 has not been publicly released (still in beta testing as far as I know), the cause is very likely something within the JTDX.

The JTAlert code for managing sending commands to WSJT-X and JTDX in response to a single-click is Mode independent. There are no mode checks performed before sending the command to the relevant application instance, FT4 clicks  should work the same as FT8 clicks.  This further suggests the problem is with JTDX.

If your beta testing JTDX, I suggest you raise this issue with them.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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