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Gilbert Baron <w0mn00@...>

Sounds good to abandon those but it is going to be a real task. 😊

Good luck and I am sure it will be a great step up.


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On 2/10/2019 1:28 pm, Michael Black via Groups.Io wrote:

How's about we also add "Offline" to the text window status in addition to "Online".

I find myself staring at it wondering if it's been updated or not.


Is that possible?


de MIke W9MDB


I tend to agree. Currently, anything other than the "Online" status indicates either offline, host access denied or unreachable, or internet down.

I will see what I can do for the JTAlert 2.14.6 release (as you know 2.14.5 is imminent).

I wont bother with a technical explanation of the current implementation, I will just say, I will be very glad when I have finally abandoned the single-threaded, synchronous (blocking), non-OOP, AutoIT code I have to work with and the hacks with plugin processes mimicking thread-like behaviour. The JTAlert V2 code-base has become somewhat of a mess over the years.

de Laurie VK3AMA


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