locked Re: new QSO logged from 2.14.4 into Ham Radio Deluxe v6 (latest) has LoTW Sent and LoTW Received flagged as "Requested" rather than "No"


I had the same thing with 2.14.4.   You can uncheck the boxes under "Manage Settings" > "Logging".  First time I've a revision change my settings.

On September 16, 2019 at 8:55 AM james spears <n1nk@...> wrote:

after I downloaded and installed JTAlert2.14.4, I noticed that new logged QSOs sent to HRD have  LoTW Sent and Receive f lagged as "Requested" rather than "No".  this did not happen with 2.14.3 and only started with 2.14.4.

SFAIK, I have all default new QSO information set to set LoTW Sent/Received set to "No"

this is not happening with the eQSL or QSL information in HRD.  both are set to no

is this a JTAlert issue or a HRD issue?  and how do I get whichever is doing this to not do this?  manually editing new QSOs in HRD works but is not the desired result.


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