locked Decoded call signs not showing in JTAlert

Frode Igland

I was asked yesterday by a friend to help him get the decoded callsigns to show in JTAlert again, like they have been since he started to use JTAlert a long while ago until a couple of days ago. He is running WSJT-X 2.1.0 and JTAlert 2.14.3 and HRD Logging from WSJT-X to HRD Logbook ran smoothly, so obviously WSJT-X broadcast were working as it should.  As no call signs appeared in JTAlert, we thought the port numbers in WSJT-X and JTAlert might not comply, but they were all correct. We made a fresh install of JTAlert, to no avail. We kept trying other approaches, but made no progress. After all of this, we noticed that a vertical roller field had appeared to the left of the JTAlert call sign fields. We clicked the arrow on top of the roller field, but still no call signs to see. We then changed the number of call sign display lines from 3 to 2 lines, and suddenly the decoded call signs appeared, with everything working as normal. The roller field disappeared, not to be seen again. From WSJT-X we saw that there were certainly enough stations decoded that they would fill more than one or two lines.

I really have no idea why the number of displayed call sign lines made the call signs disappear, and why the change from 3 to 2 display lines made them appear again. Nor do I know if this is a bug, or if it was something we should know. I've never experienced vanished call signs in JTAlert before, nor has my friend. Our experience with JTAlert has been pretty close to flawless. I just thought I'd let the Laurie and the user group know, and maybe someone can offer an explanation or get a hint to search for any possible issue.

Frode LA6VQ

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