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Jim - N4ST

Another approach for downloading your LoTW FT4 QSLs to HRD Log:
In HRD Log, filter all of your FT4 contacts.
Bulk edit them to MFSK.
Download the LoTW QSLs and update your database.
Now in HRD Log, filter your MFSK contacts.
Bulk edit them back to FT4.
Obviously if you have real MFSK contacts in your HRD Log, be careful.
This is somewhat tedious, but much faster than manually matching and updating a few hundred individual FT4 QSLs by hand.

Jim - N4ST

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For now the easy work around to show match(verified) in HRD is two steps:

1) You must go into the Logbook, "Tools", "Configure", "Modes" and add Mode=FT4 and ADIF=FT4 for your contacts to be shown as FT4 in LOTW ... (Once the FT4 contacts are matched in LOTW, they are confirmed contacts, but will not show in HRD LOTW downloads and subsequently in a JTA scan)

Note Added: Under 'logging' in JTA do not select "Log FT4 as ADIF 3.1.0 Compliant Mode=MFSK, Submode=FT4 HRD is not yet ADIF 3.1.0 Compliant ...

2) The updating of HRD for confirmations has to be done manually (a work around) ---- From the shown tabs in the of ALE window (Show:Tabs, LOTW) select LOTW, Under 'Rcvd.' select 'Verified(Match)' for each verified contact.

Ron, W3RJW

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