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Jim - N4ST

Known problem with HRD Logbook. Well discussed in the forums.
HRD Logbook does not handle submodes, which is what FT4 is.
LoTW is fine and will confirm the QSL if both parties upload correctly.
Comments on the HRD forum would lead one to believe that fixing HRD Logbook
to handle submodes is not a top priority at the moement.

Jim - N4ST

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hello all,
I noticed the same problem, upload to lotw, mode ft4 -> ok
qso done in ft4 to logbook HRD -> ok 
dowload lotw qso ft4 __> ok until the moment or HRD logbook must enter the
confirmation date lotw, -> nothing fits

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Thanks Mike -- I am using latest version of HRD Logbook, so I guess they
haven't caught up to FT4 yet.
Jeff, NQ0N -- 73

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