locked Re: [Ham-Apps] Re: JT-Alert support for WSJT-X (JT9 modes)

Jim - N4ST

Keep your QSOs as JT9 in your logbook and allow TQSL to convert them to DATA on the upload.
If the ARRL ever makes the distinction for JT9 QSOS, we will have to upload our JT9 QSOs again.
Fortunately the improvements made with the LoTW server(s) should be able to handle the load. :-)

Jim - N4ST

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Thanks, Les, but I as I said earlier, this just changes a JT9 QSO to a generic DATA mode...been there done that. I don't need any more DATA QSO matches so I don't see the point of even bothering. And, once matched as a DATA QSO in LoTW, you'll never be able to use the QSO for a match if the ARRL bothers to recognize JT9 as an award (not the programmers, Joe).

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