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On 15/08/2019 11:52 am, n7ihb@... wrote:
Is there a setting that will allow me to only see stations in JTAlert that are actually using the band that I am on?  I see many call signs pop up but they are obviously on another band because they don't show up in WSJT-X but if I change to the band that they are on, they show up in WSJT-X.

Sorry if this a noob question, but I am a noob, LOL!



What you want is how JTAlert works. It displays only the Callsigns of decodes your local copy of WSJT-X is receiving and only on that band (WSJT-X is single Band only).  JTAlert does not show any other callsigns form any other bands, it is not possible. It is simply what your hearing/decoding (sent from WSJT-X) is what JTAlert displays.

Please describe your setup with respect to WSJT-X & JTAlert so I can understand where those other Band Callsigns are coming from and being displayed. I am confused by your request.

de Laurie VK3AMA

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