locked "Wanted Callsign" anomaly

Rich - K1HTV

  In JTAlert version 2.14.2 it is now possible to import a CSV file with single letter plus percent sign entries into "Alert Callsigns". However there are a few problems:
1- Single letter plus % entries in the "Alert Callsigns" list can NOT be removed individually using the "Delete" button. The only way they can be removed is to remove ALL of them using the "Clear" button.
2 - At first, JTAlert would not produce an alert for entries on the list with a single letter plus % (e.g. N%, K%, W&). However, it did produce alerts for two letter plus % (N1%, KA%, WC%) entries. However, after producing alerts for the 2 character plus % entries, JTAlert started to respond properly to the single letter plus % entries and continues to produce alerts as it is supposed to do.
Rich - K1HTV

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